Many ladies are guilty of hanging on to their lipsticks for too long. The truth is that the shelf life of a lipstick is only about two months. After that time, the average lipstick will start to deteriorate.

Does that apply to quality and branded lipsticks? The same principle applies to your lipstick whether it says L’Oreal or Chanel on the case. As you use your lipstick, the ingredients in your lipstick are exposed to the air and dust particles in the air. It does not take long for these particles to get trapped into the surface of your lipstick.

As you apply your lipstick, you will start to notice a slightly grainy feel. That means that the dust particles in your lipstick are now ending up on your lips. The end result is that your lipstick will not last as long on your lips even if you use a lipstick undercoat.

Instead of investing in a large number of lipsticks, it is better to buy one or two lipsticks. When the shelf life of your lipsticks have expired, simply discard and buy a new color. That is a great way of keeping up with seasonal colors and changing in fashion.

How can you store your lipstick to extend its shelf life? The best way to store your lipstick is to make sure that you don’t expose it too many temperature extremes. In fact, your lipstick should be kept at an ambient temperature. If you would like to extend the shelf life of your lipstick investing in a lipstick holder is a great idea.

Finally, where is the best place to buy lipsticks? As long as you know what color you are looking for, you can buy your lipsticks online or in store. Branded lipsticks are often cheaper when you buy them online. No matter where you buy your lipstick, please remember that it does have a shelf life.