Movies have been one of the primary sources of entertainment for most of us, it has been our stress reliever and escape from the harsh realities of our everyday living, especially since there is still the threat of the covid-19 pandemic which most of us are forced to stay indoors and to be relieved of this boredom we prefer to watch movies to entertain ourselves. Here are the top movies that have been released for the year 2021.

Here is the list of Top Movies as off 2021:

* SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS – the latest entry in the Marvel franchise and considered to be one of the top movies of 2021. The movie is about a martial arts master Shang-Chi who confronts his past that he had escaped for a while and the mysterious organization known as the Ten Rings.

* VENOM LET THERE BE CARNAGE – another iconic Marvel character and a sequel to the movie Venom. Eddie Brock aka Venom has started to learn and embrace his symbiote partner Venom and together they will battle another symbiote known as the Carnage.

* BLACK WIDOW – the backstory of one of Marvel’s iconic characters and the member of the original Avengers movie.

* F9 THE FAST SAGE – Dom Torreto played by Vin Diesel is having a peaceful life away from the past with his wife Letty and his son. But soon the danger will soon follow him and he must do everything to keep his family safe and secured.

* A QUIET PLACE PART 2 – following the events from part 1 A Quiet place part 2 tells the story of the Abbott family and their quest to keep each other safe with the growing threat from the extraterrestrials the lurks outside of their home.

* NO TIME TO DIE – the final installment of Daniel Craig as the Legendary 007 who is forced to come out of retirement and face the threat of a villain who has a diabolical plan to release a biochemical weapon that could bring the world to its knees.

* ETERNALS – one of the latest movies of Marvel studios where it is about a race of extraordinary beings who are considered to be immortal and have god-like powers who has secretly been living on Earth and prepare to battle the evil Deviant

* FREE GUY – when an ordinary bank employer discovers that he is a non-playable character in an open-world videogame, he decided that he wants to be the hero in the game and rewrites the story himself.

* JUNGLE CRUISE – the movie is about expedition about finding an ancient tree that could change modern medicine

* GODZILLA VS KONG – the clash of two of the most iconic monsters in the monsterverse.