Hot girl summer is quickly approaching and you want to make sure you have the perfect shoes that will have all the eyes turning. Revitalize your shoe rack with some fresh sneakers to be ready to hit the streets in style.

Here are 10 stylish sneakers to pair with your cutest outfits this summer:

1.PUMA Mayze Leopard

These super cute leopard print shoes are perfect for any cheetah girl, or maybe that’s just how you feel today. They’ll go fabulously with any leopard print purse or shirt.

2.Spenco Magnolia

Very stylish sneakers that keep it simple. Great for any all-white outfit. They are very breathable so you’ll stay cool in every sense of the word. The one-strap design makes it easy to slip them on and off.

3.Gabor 66.499

Absolutely beautiful sneakers that are accented with glittery scales around the ankle to accent any shiny outfit. The white and gold color palette will make you look like a superstar.

4.Sperry High-Top Sneaker by Leopard R. Minkoff

Another pair of cute leopard print sneakers, except these, are high tops with a slightly darker orange that will go great with a leopard print shirt or purse with a darker color palette.

5.Steve Madden Maxima-R Sneakers

Here are some dazzling sneakers to bring out the inner diva inside you. They are decked out in rhinestones that raindrop pattern that creates a drippy aesthetic to complement all the fashion sense you’re raining on everyone.

6.Steve Madden Costanza Sneakers

For the girl that shines as bright as the sun, here’s another pair of dazzling sneakers that will have everyone doing a double-take. Even the shoelaces sparkle to light up everywhere you go.

7.Kenneth Cole Reaction Cameron Jewel Jogger

If you want to sparkle while you run here’s a pair of jogging shoes that have rhinestones decked throughout with a gold band on the bottom so you can run like the star you are.

8.Vaneli Coyle

These are some cute white shoes that have shiny scales around the back that are perfect for when you just gotta let ’em know that you got it without being too much.

9.Bernie me. Sparky

Some cute little sock shoes that have rhinestones around the bottom for when you want something comfy that will kill ’em with kindness.

10.Eileen Fisher Point

A pair of cute high tops never hurt anyone. These shoes are made out of a web-like knit fabric that will go great with any knit shirt or hat.