Coordinated sets are a real-life saver for when you want to go out in style without worrying about what fits which. With co-words, you won’t have to spend awful time stressing about clothing pieces that would either go well together or clash, making your OOTD good to go at just a short moment’s notice. This increasingly popular menswear trend has been a staple for men’s wardrobe, thanks to its subtle yet significant approach to fashion.

Stay in style as you go through some of the best men’s coordinated sets you can wear to achieve that slick yet laid-back look.

1. Essential Popover Hoodie

You can never go wrong with a hoodie. Whether you’re out for a jog or a casual stroll, this oversized, drop-shoulder popover hoodie remains a classic choice for men. Not only is it comfortable, but it also features cuffs, a banded hem, and a front pocket where you can put your phone or wallet when you’re out on an errand.

2. Relaxed Essential Sweatpants

Made with the signature soft AF fleece fabric, you can guarantee that the Relaxed Essential sweatpants are bound to give you comfort for days. Its cinched bottom cuffs paired with a relaxed, frame-hugging design further adds to the item’s overall style. The sweatpants also come with two side pockets as well as a back pocket for convenient storage.

3. Essential Quarter-zip Sweatshirt

The quarter-zip sweatshirt is made up of 70% cotton and 30& polyester, allowing you to stay stylish while keeping warm all year round. Its mock-neck style provides you with the option to dress with it either up or down, so you can experiment with a variety of looks that fit you best. Regardless, the Essential Quarter-Zip is great for your ready-to-go escapades.

4. Essential Full-zip Hoodie

What makes a full-zip hoodie different from a pullover one is that it’s suitable for almost any kind of weather. While the popover can be warmer, this essential full-zip hoodie is flexible for a variety of styles. Whether you wear it as a jacket or a layering piece, this item is great for any occasion.

5. Vintage Cinched Sweatpants

Great for the holidays! The vintage cinched sweatpants sport a laid-back and cozy look with its rib waistband and excellent embroidered details. It also offers side pockets for storage purposes and exterior drawcords for necessary adjustments.

6. Essential Colorblock Popover Hoodie

Available in 16 varieties and colors, the colorblock popover hoodie does not skimp on style at all. This hoodie derives inspiration from the combination of vintage and modern aesthetics, giving you that comfortable yet head-turner look.

7. 90s Prep Graphic Fleece Shorts

Bring back the iconic 90s trend by wearing these Graphic Fleece Shorts inspired by the 90s era. Apart from its charming embroidery detail and quality material, it also comes with an elastic waistband made to fit your frame with comfort.

8. Apres Ski Mockneck Sweatshirt

The Ski Mockneck Sweatshirt flaunts a unique ski-inspired detail at the center. It also comes with a classic mock neck feature and banded hem and cuffs. The Apres Ski Sweatshirt’s design takes its inspiration from the vintage aesthetic while incorporating a cozier feel to the overall look.