Working out is the current trend for everyone nowadays. But, while keeping your body fit and healthy, you should never forget to buy joggers and bottoms that are stylish.

If you are looking for proper joggers and bottoms to wear, Gymshark is the best for you. Here are their 9 best joggers and bottoms:

1. Crest Joggers

Are you looking for a jogger that suits a simple style while budget-friendly? The Crest Joggers is the one for you. It is perfect for beginners, and it only costs $30!

2. Arrival Knit Joggers

Comfort and style are what Arrival Knit offers. It is designed to be comfortable and has a cottony feel to it, and it is perfect for times when you feel like doing light workouts.

3. Critical 2.0 Joggers

When you do a heavy workout routine, you need to have a reliable jogger to wear, and being durable and dependable is what Critical 2.0 jogger offers. It is a must-have for your gym clothes collection.

4. Sports Joggers

Working out can also mean doing various sports. If you are a sports-geek, then the Sports Joggers is for you. The fabric used on these joggers can keep you cool, so you’ll be ready to face any challenges head-on.

5. Bold Joggers

Do you want to go to the gym and leave a mark? Then the Bold Joggers is for you. A big Gymshark logo is embossed on the joggers, making it easy to leave an impression on your gym buddies.

6. Essential Oversized Joggers

Essential Oversized Joggers is one of the top trends, and it is the newest offering of Gymshark, and it is set to complete your gym bag essentials. Comfort and style is the game of this oversized jogger.

7. Recess Joggers

If you want something that would suit your after-workout style, the Recess Joggers are for you. It is made to help you prepare and recover from your routine because it is breathable.

8. Speed Joggers

If running laps is your expertise, then the Speed Jogger is for you. Made with fabric capable of sweat-mapping ventilation, this jogger aims to cool you down while you actively run.

9. Apex Joggers

No matter what routine you do, the Apex Joggers are there to alleviate your routine. The fabric is made with high-stretch material that follows every movement of your body, and it has mesh inside that can keep you cool.